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    Ulcers Gone Overnight

    In 1965, when I lived on the Russian River in Guerneville, CA. I was into self-sufficiency and the hippy lifestyle. When I began to experience strong and consistent pains in my stomach, day after day, I did some research and found that my symptoms were consistent with havig stomach ulcers. At that time I was pretty heavy into natural healing and read a lot of books about herbal remedies. One book mentioned that an herb called “Golden Seal” was particularly powerful and known to heal ulcers. I decided to give it a try. I made a cup of golden seal tea using a rather large amount of golden seal, maybe…

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    Eye Pressure Relief

    I started experiencing swelling of my right eyeball. It would “stick” in place (rather than move) when I looked to the right and then tried to move my eyes to look straight ahead. I remembered reading a true story about a famous herbalist who was giving a lecture at an outdoor bandstand. He was setting up bowls of various types of cayenne pepper to show to the audience when a big wind came along and blew the pepper out into the crowd of people gathering for his talk. People were coughing and rubbing their eyes and in obvious discomfort and pain. Of course, this didn’t last long, but it was…

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    Kidney Stone Pain Relief

    I’ve used an herb called “chanca piedra”, which means “stone breaker”. It relieves kidney stone pain and dissolves the stones so they pass out of the body with little or no pain. I read about it online and used it myself and gave some to my husband when he was in pain. It completely relieved his pain and we saw the stones in the bathroom toilet after they had passed. They were very small. We wouldn’t be without it now. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine with great success.