Eye Pressure Relief

I started experiencing swelling of my right eyeball. It would “stick” in place (rather than move) when I looked to the right and then tried to move my eyes to look straight ahead.

I remembered reading a true story about a famous herbalist who was giving a lecture at an outdoor bandstand. He was setting up bowls of various types of cayenne pepper to show to the audience when a big wind came along and blew the pepper out into the crowd of people gathering for his talk. People were coughing and rubbing their eyes and in obvious discomfort and pain. Of course, this didn’t last long, but it was uncomfortable.

When they settled back down, there were some audience members who were astounded to find that their cataracts had peeled completely off of their eyes and they could see better. Others said their eyes had tears flowing out of them for several minutes and then their eyes felt better, like they had shrunk a bit, and were easier to move around.

This incident caused one of the herbalist’s students to later develop an herbal eye drop formulas that contained cayenne pepper among other natural ingredients. I decided to buy some of the eye drops to see if it would relieve my swollen right eye.

Well, to make a long story short, the “eyebright” formula did indeed completely relieve the swelling in my eye and it has never come back for over 10 years now. I still use the formula from time to time to increase circulation to my eyes and freshen them up.

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