Caterpillars turn into butterflies or moths. Before they make the transition to a winged creature, they spin a web around themselves called a “cocoon” and eventually they break open this cocoon and emerge with a body that can fly! Serrapeptase (a.k.a. serratia peptidase) is a silkworm specific enzyme that helps silkworms break through the cocoons they weave, so they can emerge as a moth!

Serrapeptase enzyme has recently been studied for it’s healthful effects on humans. This research has revealed that it can be very helpful for carpal tunnel syndrome 65% of the time. It has also helped eliminate varicose veins, ease inflammation and swelling, relieve bronchitis, sinusitis and other ear, nose and throat ailments.

Serrapeptase is a blood thinning agent and also has the ability to dissolve non-living tissue such as scar tissue.

Very few side effects have been reported by those taking serrapeptase supplements, although diarrhea was reported by one study participant and relieved by reducing the dosage. In other trials there were two reported cases of pneumonia. Both cases recovered.

To avoid potential complications consult with your doctor before taking serrapeptase.

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